Nigel Marvin & Richard Ettlinger

Nigel Marven with Richard Ettlinger
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"Richard Ettlinger's photos are superb. As a wildlife host and filmmaker myself, I
know just how difficult it is catching birds in flight even with a movie camera.
Richard captures the majesty, power, grace and speed of many species from barn
swallows to peregrine falcons. Every time you look at one of his pictures you see
something new and wondrous, a curling feather, flexing wingtip or a highlight in the
eye. With consummate skill he achieves pin-sharp images of bodies hurtling through
the air at 30, sometimes 70 mph! Richard has a unique talent and I adore watching
him in action."

-Nigel Marven

Articles About Richard Ettlinger:

New York State’s Conservationist Cover Features Merlin Photo
Conservationist magazine cover
Check out the cover of the December issue (link | PDF). My photos accompany the article "Flight Patterns," by Kimberley Corwin.

Popular Photography
Magazine Article – 09/08

Be sure to take a look at my article How to Catch Birds in their Element — Tips for great airborne avian images in the September issue of Popular Photography.

Book Release –
Harry N. Abrams publishing has released “On Feathered Wings: Birds in Flight” book cover
The book is by Richard Ettlinger and features his stunning aerial photographs along with select work from six collaborating photographers who have spent countless hours camping out, donning waders, and lying in wait for the greatest shots of birds doing what they do best: flying!
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Natural History Museum Exhibit: Open Thru 2009
American Museum of Natural History, Central Park West at 79th St., New York, New York.
Natural History Museum logo
Photographer Richard Ettlinger is being featured by the American Museum of Natural History and Harry N. Abrams Books for his six-year project photographing the beauty of birds in flight. AMNH will display over 30 images in a photo exhibition running through May, 2009.
   These startlingly close-up photographs of birds in flight offer a visual comparison and contrast; while each species exhibits unique behaviors, there is a commonality in their movements. Among the highlights are Ettlinger's images of a female barn swallow feeding her young in midair, a cormorant flying away with a newly caught fish, and a pink roseate spoonbill gliding through the air.
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