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Birding, or bird watching, is a pastime enjoyed by 46 million Americans according to a study conducted by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. This makes Birding a larger pastime then fishing and hunting combined. Looking at photographs by popular Birders and nature photographers like Richard Ettlinger, we can see why. These birds are majestic, beautiful and when photographed properly, you can capture these awe inspiring birds forever.

"To capture a speeding bird in flight is one of the biggest thrills in photography. 
Especially in great light, when you can catch all the detail in the feathers and
the expression in the eyes -- exhilarating!"
Richard Ettlinger in his article "How to Catch Birds in their Element"
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Nature photography takes patience and practice to master, but even those trying times are enjoyable as you spend it watching these majestic birds. Like all photography, it takes time to catch that perfect shot, and you can spend years searching for it. While equipment and practice will help, love of nature and patience are a must.

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