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Photo gallery by renowned nature photographer Richard Ettlinger. While most well known for his bird photos from his book "On Feathered Wings: Birds in Flight", this collection exhibits a wide range of nature photography and other various photos of interest. Some funny, some cute and even some showing how he gets such great photos of nature being.. well, natural. The photos in this section will updated often as Richard is still an avid photographer shooting almost daily. We thank you for viewing Richard Ettlinger's nature photography collection.

Land Birds
Aquatic Birds
Swallows Gallery
Birds In Flight
Land Bird Photography Gallery Aquatic Bird Photography Gallery Swallows Nature Photography Gallery South Shore Nature Photography Gallery
  This gallery shows photos of different land-locked birds!  
  This gallery shows a series of photos of aquatic birds!  
  This gallery shows photos of swallows in their natural habitat!  
  A gallery of various birds in flight.  
Animal Portrait
Nature Action
Miscellaneous Nature
Bird Portraits Birds In Action Sequenced Photos Other Photo Gallery
  This gallery shows portraits of birds and other animals up close and personal!  
  This gallery shows a series of photos of birds and other animals in action!  
  This gallery shows a series of photos to illustrate the timing and skill involved in catching that one perfect shot that Richard is so well known for. Most of these happen in less than a second!  
  Other Miscellaneous Nature Photo Galleries.  
South Shore Nature Preserves
Baby Animals
Guest Apperances
  A Gallery of all Richard's Personal Favorite shots!  
  A gallery of assorted photos from various Nature Preserves on the South Shore of Long Island, NY.  
  Coming Soon!  
  Coming Soon!  

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