Photographing Birds in Flight - Tips and Tricks

Flying Lessons: Tips for great airborne avian images.
By Richard Ettlinger

To photograph a speeding bird in flight is one of the biggest thrills in nature photography. Especially in great light, when you can catch all the detail in the feathers and the expression in the eyes -- exhilarating! You don't have to travel far. Check out the parks, beaches, and wildlife refuges in your area. Learn about the bird migrations and the best times of year for the species that interest you. Most of my flight photography was taken not too far from my home. Bringing home images like these involves time and effort. It may take several months -- or even a few years -- of practice and patience to get the ultimate action-flight shot. But anyone can get started in nature photography without a huge investment of time or money.

Click here for eight tips & tricks to speed you on your way to stunning photographs of these beautiful birds in flight:


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